Start of production own brand cable TOFLEKS: installation screened cable pair twisted TOFLEKS M; multi-operated installation cable TOFLEKS KU; pair twisted cable for high speed data transmission TOFLEKS KV, as well as power and control cables TOFLEKS RV.
Extension of product range with cables for alarm system and control; as well as flexible wires for radio and electrical installations.
Products manufactured by LLC „Tomskcable” underwent the certification procedure in GAZPROMSERT for cables and wires supply for the needs of OAO „Gazprom”.
We sign the agreement on comprehensive strategic partnership between LLC „Tomskcable” and Tomsk Polytechnic University, as well as with the Tomsk Polytechnic College.
Start of production of mine cable for voltage 1.2 / 6 kV and cable for the rolling-stock of rail transport.
We mastered serial production of cables with low toxicity of combustion products performed „нг(А)-LSLTx” and „нг(А)-FRLSLTx ” for voltage of 1 kV and 0.66.
We mastered the production signal-blocking cables СБВГ, СББбШв, СБПУ, СБзПу, installation cables МКШ, МКЭШ, МКШМ, power cables КГ, КГ-ХЛ. We started the construction of new production facilities in order to expand the range of finished products and increase the output of the most demanded brand of cable products.
We mastered serial production of halogen-free cables performed HF, FRHF.
In September 2010, we accepted the program on modernize and expand the production facilities of the basic manufacture in 2011.
We mastered the production of power cables with XLPE insulation for voltage up to 6 kV. We also mastered production of fire-resistant cables performed FRLS.
We mastered serial production of power cables with PVC insulation for the operating voltage of 3 kV and 6. We arranged production self-supporting insulated wires СИП.
We mastered the production of power cables with cross-linked polyethylene for voltage up to 1 kV.
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We installed and put into operation general stranding machine type Drum Twister that allowed expanding the range of power cable group АВВГ, ВВГ with cross-section 120-240 mm, in sectoral performance and armor.
We installed and put into operation new multi-wire drawing machine, automatic cable coiling line, extrusion line, that significantly allowed increasing production of flexible and installation cables and wires.
  • Монтаж машины Драм Твистер

We started serial production of power and control armored cable on the armor winding automated machine of English manufacture. We put into operation two —cage twisting machine that allowed expanding the range of produced cross-sections of power cables, bare wires and increasing the capacity of the control cable up to 37 conductors.
We started production of cables with plastic insulation with brand NUM, corresponding to the German standard DIN VDE 0250.
We installed equipment for wire production type: ПЩ, ПЩС, МГГ and automotive wire type: ПВА, ПВАМ and ПГВА. The first products output of these cable types took place in February 2004.
We mastered production of cables for fixed laying, control cables, communication wires and cords for different purposes, — more than 500 macro sizes.
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We shipped the first batch of products to customers — wires for aerial power lines.
Cable and wire production was organized, and it was decided to gradually expanding of the product range.
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