LLC "Tomsk Cable Factory" represents the group of cable products under private brand TOFLEKS


TOFLEKS production meets all the requirements of the input control of the most demanding customer. Cables of this group are superior the existing import and national analogues in the Russian market on characteristics and parameters of fire danger and operational reliability.

Main advantages of TOFLEKS cable are the following:

  • A wide range of design features that permits to meet customer’s needs for any purpose;
  • Flexible Class 5 of conductor provides convenience of installation with lots of possible bends;
  • Use of flexible material in manufacture process provides a significant advantage in cable flexibility in conjunction with conductor of Class 5;
  • All constructive elements indicated in cable marking, that provides clarity work with customers when ordering products; Buyer can choose any elements of the design, not overpaying for unused items imposed by the manufacturer;
  • High stability of the electrical properties of the insulation through the use of eccentricity control devices;
  • Affordable price.

TOFLEKS group include the following cable products:

Installation screened cables twisted pair TOFLEKS M

Cable is designated for connection to stationary electric appliance, equipment and devices at nominal AC voltage up to 500 V AC frequency to 400 Hz; or DC voltage up to 750 V.

Multi-operated installation cable TOFLEKS KU

Cable is designated for connection to stationary electric appliance, equipment and devices at nominal AC voltage up to 660 V ac frequency to 400 Hz or DC voltage up to 1000 V.

Pair twisted cable for high speed data transmission TOFLEKS KV

Cable is designated for data transmission in the measurement, control and regulation technology in the frequency range up to 1 MHz, as well as for connection to stationary electric appliance, equipment and devices at nominal AC voltage up to 660 V AC Frequency 50 Hz or DC voltage up to 1000 AT.

Power and control cables TOFLEKS RV

Power cable TOFLEKS RV is designed for transmission and distribution of electrical energy in networks with rated voltage up to 1 kV nominal frequency of 50 Hz at fixed installation. Control cable TOFLEKS RV is designed for connection to machines and distribution devices at nominal AC voltage up to 0.66 kV at 100 Hz. Power cable TOFLEKS RV meet the international standard MEK60502-1 in design, technical specifications and operational properties.

TOFLEKS RV insulated ethylene propylene rubber cables are used for the transmission and distribution of electricity in the oil-producing objects, processing factories, and in hazardous zone of any class. Given brand of cable can withstand higher current loads and is analogous to import XLPE cable with additional advantages, such as flexibility, increased fire safety, resistance to low temperatures and moisture absorption.

The quality of manufactured products is confirmed by certificates of conformity and CU certificates in GAZPROMSERT. Products have already supplied on the major Russian companies, and first of them are “SIBUR” companies.