LLC Tomskcable became a member of the Association “Fair Position”!


LLC Tomskcable became a member of the Association “Fair Position”!

Tomsk Cable Factory shares and follows the principles of a good business practice, which are laid down by the legislation of the Russian Federation, allowing to produce products of a high-quality, corresponding to the declared characteristics, as well as excluding the use of illegal methods of implementation.


Today, every stage of the technology for the production of finished products of LLC “Tomskcable” is automated and has strict control from the moment of selection of raw materials to shipment to the warehouse, which guarantees consumers the unconditional quality of the purchased product.


The Association of Fair Position is a major all-Russian project that closely cooperates with federal executive authorities, accredited laboratories and regulatory agencies.


The subject of the Association's activities are:


-          tracking and prevention of corruption in the market of electrical engineering;

-          quality control of manufactured products in the market of electrical engineering;

-          promotion of principles of fair business practice in the market of electrical engineering;

-          implementation of measures aimed at achieving compliance with the declared characteristics of electrical products presented on the Russian market;

-          coordination of the activities of the Association members in the implementation of the Association's goals;

-          creation of a system of voluntary certification of electrical products;

-          organization of inspections for compliance with the technical characteristics of various types of electrical products according to the charter of the Association;

-          organization of inspections related to countering corruption in the electrical engineering market in accordance with the Articles of the Association.