“Tomskcable” celebrates 15-year an niversary since the foundation of the company.

Holiday appeal of the “Tomsk cable factory” board.

      On September 19th “Tomsk cable factory” will be 15 years since the moment of the foundation. Solidary circle of like-minded people built a new company on the ruins of the old industrial base of its own efforts and knowledge.

      Back-to-back years moving forward factory gained strength and power by its activities. The issue of cable products developed from simple marks to complex wire power cables. In parallel, works were carried out on construction facilities and repair of roads, purchase and installation of equipment, development of manufacturing technologies. Due to the high impact forces of former and current employees, the company got the possibility to produce and deliver the first batch of cables and wires to customers.
Since 2002, "Tomskcable" dynamic increases its output and successfully works to expand its range. In 2002, the company offered to customers a variety of 500 cable label sizes, and today, in 2015, we produce more than 50,000 different label sizes of cables and wires.

      "Tomsk Cable Factory" masterfully and courageous moves forward, even in difficult economic situations in the country. Board management of the company, successfully using past experience and analyzing the current condition of the market, develops and implements the best offers for consumers. The production accurately tracks trends in the development of technological innovations and if necessary up-grade the processes of manufacture and development of new products.
Currently, the supply of "Tomskcable" covers almost all regions of Russia, CIS countries and foreign countries. The company manufactures products that meet the needs of all developed industries in Russia. In 2015, we supported the nationwide trend of import substitution. Our brand TOFLEX® is complete analogue to many cables manufactured outside Russia. It is economically available and has the possibility of individual application design.

      Development program of the factory is to increase production capacity of the company twice. This will be possible with the launch of a new workshop equipped with high-tech production. The power cable production will be adopted with XLPE isolation for voltage up to 220 kV, insulated cables with ethylene propylene rubber - up to 35 kV. We are confident that new "Tomskcable" products will supply oil and gas industry companies, will be used in mines and will be in-demand on the open coal mines.

      “Tomsk Cable Factory” congratulates and gives thanks to all its partners and customers for their cooperation with the company! We promise to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation to those who is working with us for many years. We hope to offer the best options for purchase and sale for those who start working with us recently. We recommend contacting us to those who still have doubts in choosing a partner. The company is always open for dialogue with partners and customers. We work for solving your problems, so we are always ready to accept any opinions and wishes to cooperation.       

     We express our gratitude to the entire production and technical staff of the factory. We say thanks to every employee for his personal contribution to the work of the factory. Congratulations to us all with this holiday, with the anniversary - 15 years of the factory!

      We hope that every employee shares the inspiration of "Tomskcable" for stronger performance. Our collective force energy, growth and development will allow to confront the difficulties and to overcome crises, to find solutions and will necessarily lead to success! We wish you to continue working in one team, to show a professional approach to the tasks to be interested and passionate about your work!