Tomskcable products have passed certification in PJSC "Rossetti" for compliance with the technical requirements and is recommended for use in subsidiaries and affiliates of PJSC "Rossetti" objects

In April 2016 production of "Tomsk cable Factory" has received certification in PJSC "Rossetti". According to the conclusion of the evaluation commission, cables, manufactured by LLC "Tomskcable", based on the technical requirements and are recommended for the use in SDCs facilities of PJSC "Rossetti".

Public Joint Stock Company "Russian network" (PJSC "Rossetti") - operator of energy networks in Russia is one of the largest power grid companies in the world. The company operates 2,290,000 km of transmission lines, 480 thousand Substation transformer capacity of more than 751 GWA. In 2014, net electricity supply to customers amounted to 715 billion kW h. The number of employees "Rossetti" Group of Companies - 218 thousand people.

Property of PJSC "Rossetti" includes 37 subsidiaries and dependent companies, including 14 inter-regional and backbone grid companies. The controlling shareholder is the state, represented by the Federal Agency for Management of State Property, which owns 85.3% of the share capital.

PJSC "Rossetti" is a leading company in the Russian market for the introduction of innovative technologies in mainline electricity supply complex. The company attaches great importance to energy conservation, energy effectiveness, international cooperation, environmental protection, safety and health.

The production list of LLC "Tomsk Cable Factory" passed attestation in PJSC "Rossetti" includes:

  1. Self-supporting insulated wire for overhead electric lines, SIP-1, SIP-2, SIP-4, SIP-5 at the rated voltage 0.6 / 1 kV; and secure wire brand SIP-3 nominal voltage 20 kV and 35 kV, manufactured in accordance with TU 3553-016-59680332-2010 (resolution of the certification commission I3-61 / 16 valid from 20.04.16 till 04.19.21);
  2. Power cables with plastic insulation for a rated voltage of 1 kV and 0.66, issued by TU 3500-020-59680332-2010 and power cables with plastic insulation, flame retardant and fire resistant for voltage of 1 kV and 0.66, issued on TU 3500-021-59680332-2011 (conclusion of the evaluation commission I3-62 / 16 valid from 20.04.16 till 19.04.21)
  3. Aluminum and steel-aluminum wires not insulated for overhead electric lines, of brands A, AKP, AC, ACKC, ACKP, ASK issued in accordance with GOST 839-80 (resolution of the certification commission I3-63 / 16 with validity from 04.20.16 till 19.04. 21).

Obtaining certification was preceded by a large-scale detailed inspection, including the control of all stages of production, technical documentation, test protocols and finished product testing programs, compliance with technical standards of equipment. The committee included experts and specialists of JSC "NIITs MRSK" PJSC "TRK", PJSC "MRSK of Siberia" and LLC "Sevzapenergosetproekt". 

JSC "NIITs MRSK" is the authorized organization PJSC "Rossetti", carries out certification of equipment and materials for use on the network facilities of DZO PJSC "Rossetti".

The purpose of equipment certification procedures, materials and systems in the PJSC "Rossetti" is to ensure the reliability and safety of operation of the distribution electricity complex through the use of equipment, technologies, materials and systems according to their characteristics requirements of laws and other regulations, industry regulations -technical documents, standards and uniform technical policy of PJSC "Rossetti" in the distribution electricity complex.

You can call the sales department for all questions of purchase of products, LLC "Tomsk cable factory" by number (3822) 49-89-89, or your personal manager.